Certified Denver Property Managers are proud to belong to the capital of Colorado and the Queen City of the Plains. Denver is also known as the Queen City of the West and Mile-High City. Denver is called Mile-High City because it is exactly 5280 feet or one mile above sea level. Denver is the most elevated metropolitan area in the United States. Denver, by being a mile high up, requires special measures must be taken to protect real estate property. Let the Certified Denver Property Managers maintain and secure your rental units as if they were our own.

You never know when a blizzard, ice or hail storm will hit. The city is prone to sudden and dramatic changes in weather. Denver has experienced three out of ten of the costliest hail storms in our country’s history. The most recent record breaker was in May of 2017. As Certified Denver Property Managers we will do everything in our power to secure your real estate investments. We care about your property and those who rent it.

The US News & World Report named Denver, ‘The Best Place to Live in the USA.’ While The Weather Channel bestowed Denver with being the 18th Coldest City in the United States. Denver is also home to the 105th Meridian West of Greenwich, making it the longitudinal inference for the Mountain Time Zone and runs right through Denver Union Station.

The Certified Denver Property Managers know Denver is a unique and interesting place to live. The community of Denver is diverse and chock full of culture and history. The Caulkins Opera House, the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, History Colorado Center, Bryers-Evans House Museum and Molly Browns House are all rich resources to explore the heart of the Mile-High City.

The history of Denver is worth preserving. Historical properties are a specialty of the Certified Denver Property Managers. We understand the impact of historical locations and strive to appoint suitable residents who also appreciate the importance of our antique spaces.

Now the 19th most populous metropolitan (and fastest growing) area in the United States, it was once a gold mining town. In the summer of 1858, in the height of Pike’s Peak Gold Rush and a bunch of miners from Lawrence, Kansas established ‘Montana City’ on the shores of the South Platte River in what was once western Kansas territory. The mines weren’t a hotbed of gold and the miners left quickly. In 1876, Colorado was unified with the rest of the United States.

The city has seen many incarnations, from frontier town to cultural hub. The Certified Denver Property Managers thrive to evolve with the growing needs of our clients. As your needs change with the times and tides of the community of Denver let us guide your investments in a positive direction.

As Certified Denver Property Managers we offer both residential and industrial property management. We offer specialized services for historical and culturally significant locations and maintain a productive relationship with the rental community. Let us treat your real estate investment as if it were our own.